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Dark Skin vs. Light Skin: The Struggle of Being Mixed-ish (w/ Sharmane AKA MixedGirlMane)

In this eye-opening conversation on how the dark skin versus light skin debate continues to drive a wedge in our community, host of the Militantly Mixed podcast and entrepreneur, Sharmane AKA MixedGirlMane, shares her personal story of finding self-acceptance and identity as a person of mixed-race heritage. Amidst her constant struggle of not being “black enough” for some or being “too black” for others, she offers an interesting take on the guilt and shame mixed-race people feel when being celebrated for their lighter skin or perceived “exoticness”. Plus, she gives us her best tips on how we all can bridge the racial divide to celebrate and honor the full spectrum of beauty within our culture.


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From Pleasure to Power: Why Sex is the Sweetest Taboo (w/ Afrosexology)

Sex is not just about pleasure. It can actually lead to heightened consciousness and influence how we live our purpose. Our guests, Rafaella Fiallo and Dalychia Saah of Afrosexology are taking the taboo out of sex, and discussing how we can transform pleasure into power by exploring, reclaiming, and celebrating our sexuality. 

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