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Will the Real Men Please Stand Up? (w/ Ted and Jalen Bunch)

How can we reduce violence against women, the LGBTQ+ community, and other marginalized communities? It starts with what Ted Bunch calls, the “Man Box.” In this episode, Ted teaches how we can reject the dangerous ideals that keep the Man Box in place, and talks about how his son coming out as gay forced him to confront his own biases. Now, with new motivation to inspire others by sharing their story, Ted and Jalen are a living example of true, unconditional love. Hear from them both in this powerful episode. 

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Listen to the CEO of A Call to Men, Tony Porter’s TedWomen Talk:

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Do ALL Black Lives Matter? (w/ DeOtis Tole and Joe Gardina)

We ALL have more in common than that which divides us. Hosts of ground-breaking podcast, Me and the Gay Homie, DeOtis Tole and Joe Gardina, chat with us about common misconceptions in the Black community between gay and straight men.  Plus, catch an interesting discussion about the often-debated question of whether people are born gay, and a perspective on how we all can start to mend fences and bridge some of the cultural divide that has surfaced due to the current socio-political climate.  It’s time we take a stand in our community by not only saying, Black Lives Matter, but showing we mean it by unconditionally embracing ALL of our brothers and sisters.


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