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EXACTLY How I Signed my First Book Deal…

We all have a story to tell, and if you have ever thought about sharing your unique message with the world by writing a book, Justin’s giving a look behind the curtain at how he landed his first book deal…

To pre-order Justin’s book Stay Woke, go to:

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Finding Motivation: How to Know if Your Inner-Work is Actually Working

Imagine feeling like, despite your best efforts, you are standing in quicksand. Every effort you make to better yourself is met with new challenges. Or what if you are ready to take the leap, but feel afraid and misguided because you lack the support and guidance you need to get started. In this first installment of Fix it Justin, Justin answers two listener questions. Tune in as he offers advice for recognizing life’s signs of progress even in the midst of the storm and hear his best tips for finding your tribe of like-minded, ‘goal-getters.’  This is trusted advice to make yo’ life better, and you don’t want to miss it!

Send your questions for next month’s episode to [email protected]

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How to LEVEL UP Your Life, Work, and Wealth (w/ Year Up)

Learn how to go from minimum wage to a meaningful career from this week’s special guests, Tammy Gordon and Marshaun R. Hymon, of Year Up. They’re dishing out valuable tips on how to get the work and money opportunities you deserve regardless of what kind of struggle you’re dealing with today.

Hosted by Justin Michael Williams

Featured by the New York Times and 60 Minutes, Year Up is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping close the divide between people of color/marginalized people and opportunities in the workplace. The practical tips offered in this episode will help you break through to that “next level” you’ve been striving for, no matter where you live or what your career experience is!

You can learn more about Year Up at their website:

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