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From Pleasure to Power: Why Sex is the Sweetest Taboo (w/ Afrosexology)

Sex is not just about pleasure. It can actually lead to heightened consciousness and influence how we live our purpose. Our guests, Rafaella Fiallo and Dalyshia Saah of Afrosexology are taking the taboo out of sex, and discussing how we can transform pleasure into power by exploring, reclaiming, and celebrating our sexuality. 

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We Can Hold Police Accountable. Here's How. (w/ Brandon D. Anderson of Raheem)

After a routine traffic stop led to the death of his life partner, Sociologist, Community Organizer, and Entrepreneur Brandon D. Anderson founded Raheem, an independent service for reporting police conduct in the US. In this episode, he tells us exactly how to up police accountability and transparency, and drive REAL reform. 

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How to Get Sh!t Done

If you know there is a higher calling on your life than what you have been living, this episode provides a step-by-step roadmap for taking action in pursuit of your life’s purpose.


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How To ACTUALLY Drive Social Change (w/ Tia Oso)

Can one person really make an impact? In this era of the resistance, it’s easy to get stressed and overwhelmed to the point of inaction. In this episode, special guest and Social Impact Strategist, Tia Oso delivers 3 easy ways we can all assert our personal power to enact change in our communities. 

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It’s Okay If You Need Therapy (w/ Jamaal Crone)

Ever thought about going to therapy but not sure how to find the right person? Or not sure if you really need it? This episode will change everything. Learn to identify if and when you need therapy and how to find the perfect therapist from our guest Jamaal Crone, Licensed Professional Counselor and mental health advocate for both communities of color and the LGBTQ community. Learn how to express your emotions and how to take the steps necessary to managing your anxiety and stress.

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How to LEVEL UP Your Life, Work, and Wealth (w/ Year Up)

Learn how to go from minimum wage to a meaningful career from this week’s special guests, Tammy Gordon and Marshaun R. Hymon, of Year Up. They’re dishing out valuable tips on how to get the work and money opportunities you deserve regardless of what kind of struggle you’re dealing with today.

Hosted by Justin Michael Williams

Featured by the New York Times and 60 Minutes, Year Up is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping close the divide between people of color/marginalized people and opportunities in the workplace. The practical tips offered in this episode will help you break through to that “next level” you’ve been striving for, no matter where you live or what your career experience is!

You can learn more about Year Up at their website:

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The Road to Self-Acceptance

Real self-acceptance is not about WHAT YOU DO, but about WHO YOU ARE. In this vulnerable episode, our host Justin Michael Williams talks about his challenging journey to self-acceptance and gives a simple practice you can do at home to get to the root of your emotional ups and downs.

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Hosted by Justin Michael Williams

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The 3 Biggest Barriers Blocking Us From Success (w/ Lavance Colley)

You can break through common barriers that stop you from success. Singer/Songwriter, Lavance Colley, went from working jobs for Uber and Postmates to singing background for stars such as John Legend and Shawn Mendes and he’s giving you three major tips on how to believe in yourself and move forward to accomplish your goals and dreams.

To get tickets to Lavance's June 25 show in LA, go to this link:



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Healing WITH Our Fathers

This week’s podcast celebrates black fathers and dives deep into healing wounds that we experience from our dads, but with a twist! Justin interviewed four different fathers in this episode, one from each generation, so that we can hear about the struggle from a father's point of view! Whether you're a daughter, son, mother, grandkid, or partner to a black man, this episode will help you heal, get closer to your family, and learn what's really important to black dads--in their own words! Thank you to our featured fathers (Preston Smiles, Lawrence Charles, Terrance Williams, and Tyrone Williams) for your vulnerability and truth.



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Let Your Fears Make You Fierce (w/ Koya Webb)

Learn practical strategies for turning common obstacles into seeds for growth from Koya Webb, one of the leading black women in the wellness space. She has been featured on major networks such as NBC and has worked alongside artists such as Stevie Wonder and India Arie. Koya is teaching us how to lean into those difficult moments that ultimately make us stronger.

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